I'm Borsodi Dávid, a full-stack developer focused on building user interfaces & experiences

Get in touch with me at hello@borsodidavid.com


I'm currently a Web Developer at zooplus building things for the web with awesome people. I have been in the industry for over 4 years and counting. As a full-stack web developer, I enjoy building the scaffolding just as much as painting the walls, so to speak.

Combining both my frontend and backend knowledge, I can provide a whole solution for any given problem. My goal is always to build applications that are efficient under the hood while providing stellar user experiences.

I'm always on the lookout for new technologies and opportunities in both web and game development, which is a hobby I pursue in my free time.



  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript(ES6)
  • PHP
  • C#
  • C++(Unreal)


  • React/React Native
  • Redux
  • Vue
  • Wordpress
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • Socket.io


  • Node
  • Git & GitHub
  • Postman
  • Figma


  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Godot
  • Blender


Ligno Group

2020 - Effix Marketing

A platform site made for not only collecting and connecting the companies of the Hungarian wood industry in the western region of the country, but to showcase their products towards potential customers, as well.

lignogroup.eu site on an iPhone lignogroup.eu site on an iPhone

2020 - Effix Marketing

Made for the local World Heritage Visitor Center in tandem with another site to present the unique landscape of the Neusiedler See area.

peisonia.hu site on an iPhone peisonia.hu site on an iPhone
World Heritage Passport

2019 - Effix Marketing

Sister site of the World Heritage Visitor Center focused on a smaller specific area.

peisonia.hu site on an iPhone peisonia.hu site on an iPhone
Portfolio v1


First iteration of my personal website made back in 2017.

peisonia.hu site on an iPhone peisonia.hu site on an iPhone

You can e-mail me directly at